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Voting End Time + "Vote Now" Banner Disappeared from iOS

What time is voting open till today? Is it 5PM Pacific?

It seems like the voting page (at leas the "Vote Now" banner) disappeared
from the iOS version of the Pebble App sometime in the past few hours.
My friends with Android devices can still see it, but a couple other
friends and I have noticed that we can't find the link to voting on our iOS
devices - let me know if there's something obvious that we're missing.
Hopefully we haven't lost out on too many votes as a result of this... is it a widespread issue?

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  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago


    This morning a new version of the Pebble iOS app went live. We found out that this version had a serious bug that caused crashes to a lot of users and decided to hide the app in the Apple App Store to stop iPhones from automatically updating to this version.

    At the same time, we made the decision to postpone the challenge until this problem is fixed so that everyone can enjoy the challenge without having to deal with this issue.

    We are very sorry about this and we have posted more information on our forums:

    We will send an update to everyone when the problem is fixed and we will announce a new start date for the voting period.

    Thank you very much for your understanding.


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