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Best Pebble App

If the public is going to vote on the App, then the winner will be based on the company that has the most money to market the product compared to the lone developer who has developed a great Pebble App. Which would defeat the purpose of the competition. How will the winning idea be selected?


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    The rules page for this challenge says¹ that public voting will be used to determine the top 16 entrants. These will then be paired up and voted on in the Pebble app store to determine the overall winner.

    I believe that this was also covered in a few other places, like the emails sent to developers and also on the challenge home page.


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    I'm glad the final showdown will be limited to Pebble owners, but I think MinhT has a point with respect to how the top 16 apps are selected.

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    The voting is also limited to folks who are willing to either sign up for challengepost, or sign into it with their github or facebook - which makes me think it will mostly be determined by developers, as most Pebblers are probably wary of linking their Facebook with too many things for fear of status update spam ;)

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    I agree with MinhT. I think the top 16 should have been selected by impartial judges. I do understand though that there is a motivation to have participants promote Pebble (and ChallengePost) using social channels.

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    Any judged competition will suffer from some form of bias, even with impartial judges. This is especially true when trying to find the "best" of anything. Here are a few things that could generate significant disagreement:

    - Watchapps vs. watchfaces
    - "Pure watchapps" vs. companion apps
    - Entries from individuals vs. entries from companies
    - New submissions vs. established products
    - Open source vs. closed source
    - Cross-platform vs. Android- or iOS-only

    Considering this, I don't think that public voting hurts very much, and it helps to advertise Pebble (which is certainly one of the goals of the competition).

    Having said that, future competitions might benefit from having a few different categories, maybe starting with "App" vs. "Face" or "New" vs. "Established".

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